Catching Up

It’s been three long years since I’ve watched an episode of Supernatural. Found my spot: Season 7, Episode 16, “Out with the Old”. I only recall the first few minutes. Guess that was where I stopped watching in 2012. Perhaps about the time of my last serious attempt to write anything fictional.

But for the first time in a long time, I’ve written consistently on a project. And though I got stuck, a little help from friends got me through:

While you can invent things in fiction, they must be plausible. Working out the background can be a slog, but it is enjoyable. And the brainstorming jarred loose the rest of the scene, thus paving the way for the story’s progress. And that feeling: it’s good. It’s energising. Refreshing — especially after some oven-heat exercise in the morning (yard work and all that).

Interestingly, the exercise was an excellent way to induce insomnia, regardless of time performed. However, today’s exercise was bike-riding — the bins are a fair walking distance. Hence the bike. Makes things easier and faster.

However, summer and the midday sun are not kind. Generally, I don’t burn easily. Mais, aujourd’hui, c’etait au contraire! My face does not like me! It’s splotchy. Except I don’t drink. Sigh. Sun burn! Kind of. Might have hidden from the sun in time. Will see tomorrow. On the other hand, it felt good to be moving. Yet, was glad to retreat indoors.

Writing again has brought out the creativity. Not fully yet, but getting there. And a rediscovered interest in, and love for, Supernatural.

Lots to catch up on. So… off I go! (^_^)

Catching Up

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