Where Next?

The other half suggested I start a new project during my time off between jobs. I had no idea what to do at the time, but permitted the plot bunnies to run. Eventually, one stuck.

I wrote the “prologue” and it has a working title. The “prologue” is my background for the entire story; it’ is the anchor and will serve as a reminder of the story’s focus, direction and development. It’s imperfect. But, it’s writing.

The other writing endeavour I succeeded at recently was a flash fiction challenge posted at my current writing community. The moderator provided a promopt. You were given ninety minues to write, edit and polish.

It  took a while to create something using the prompt as a starting point. However, the final result was acceptable. Number of words: 188. Continuous words that I posted to the community boards — something I haven’t done in a long while.

It was thrilling, exciting. I was impatient to read commments, to provide commments, to once again feel my writing is valued in some way. To feel that I am valued through my writing.

Initially, I was disappointed in the comments received, but on reflection, they were fair and pinpointed what I had done right with the flash fiction piece. And I responded with “thank you”.

Having read the other participants’ pieces, I realised that I had pulled up short on my piece. The others’ works were eye-opening and refreshing. They offered perspectives that I had forgotten existed or had never previously encountered. But the best thing of all: It felt good to participate again.

And the participants, the community, accepted that I have returned. This acknowledgement is a soothing balm to a wound that has been open too long.

Where Next?

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