…So that it May Live Again

Recently, the writing has resurfaced. In the form of plot bunnies, this blog and an interest in writing forums again.

The plot bunnies are spec-fic related. And currently, they seem to tie together in some way. However, I shan’t know for certain till I assemble them into a focused group.

Related organisational thoughts are also making the rounds: A physical file to house  all these disparate pieces of writing. Nothing digital, though. Except maybe a mind-map application that the S.O. pointed me to. (May reveiw the software after I’ve played with it.)

Despite inspiration surrounding me, I am not as receptive to these moments as previously. Various reasons exist. But the biggest one is the meds. They serve to stabilise but they also suppress the desire to write.

Clearly, wanting to write remains and surfaces every so often. But it is the passion that lacks conviction. Without the meds, the passion to write is stronger than the conviction. Withouth the meds, insanity edges closers, as does suicide. Without the meds, this world is bleak, unforgiving  and hopeless.

So, living with reduced receptivity to inspiration is far preferable to the alternative.

Contrary to the lack of passion, fortunately, I still write.

Question is: Where next?

…So that it May Live Again

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