Face Reading

Face reading is an ancient Chinese skill that has proven to be accurate over the centuries. There are exceptions, but they are rare. Compare those below:

Vin Diesel Steve Jobs Meryl Streep
Anne Hathaway Bill Gates Julie Andrews
Helen Mirren Barack Obama
Stephen King Tad Williams Terry Pratchett
J K Rowling Anne McCaffrey Dr. Maya Angelou
Eoin Colfer Tamara Siler Jones

(The one exception I can think of right now: Whoopi Goldberg.)

Common features that comprise the “famous facial features”:

  • Thick, neat and full eyebrows that naturally taper to the ends.
  • High-bridged nose that denotes natural authority.
  • Mouth corners are naturally up-turned.
  • Face-shape is long-ish (e.g., Cate Blanchett)

Compare this list to my facial features:

  • Sketchy eyebrows with “loose” ends, no tapering; messy. Requires grooming.
  • Mouth corners are not upturned (but they’re not downturned either).
  • Nose bridge is low.
  • Face is roundish.

Not the opposite, but nowhere near. Of course, there are other factors, but these are the major ones.

Does this hold up under scrutiny? Yes. You can do this type of quick comparison using magazine models (despite the photoshopping), YouTube video presenters, newspaper reporters, CEO’s and so on.

I was told I was imagining things; that face reading is not reliable. To the contrary, however, I have seen otherwise.

Thus: double-barrel conclusion with a reinforcement that I wish wasn’t. Any wonder then that the dream disintegrated before it took off?

When I tried to express this at the time, my reasoning was dismissed. And I was told that if I wanted something enough, I would attain it. The person also said that was absolute. Others who offered sympathy and consolation were appreciated. But no one could do anything else.

So I clung to the phantom atoms of a dead dream, trying to resurrect it for eight or nine long years. Futilely.

Face Reading

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