Terrified of the Hard Work After Success

I think I fear success. Not because I might fail for trying, but because it’s the hard work that comes afterwards when you need to top your previous success.

Start out small, mediocre? What is the point? When you present your work, it should be the best you can do at the time. After that, you can work on improving your skills so you can produce even better quality work that offers even more value to your audience.

That’s the bit I fear. ‘Cos I’m too damned lazy and fear to leave my comfort zone. I fear to stretch my abilities and discover I’ve  hit a ceiling. So, I fear my limitations, too. This is an equation guaranteed to result in failure. You see, that’s a guaranteed result: Failure. It’s 100% “not try”. So, 100% negative success.

To combat this, I’ve started this blog and have linked it to my FB account and have posted it in AW. If you’re reading this post, it’s because you followed the FB link, or the AW one.

Thus begins, “Mourning the dream so that it may live again”.

Terrified of the Hard Work After Success

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